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MRS-802 CD

If you have been thinking about bringing a powerful and easy-to-use system for recording music into your life, the MRS-802CD is exactly what you have been looking for.
Never before has such an awesome array of studio recording tools been fit into such an affordable package.
Compact and portable, the eight track MRS-802CD brings professional-grade recording tools to your living room, bedroom, garage or where ever inspiration might strike.

All-in-one design

The MRS-802CD is a multi-track recorder with everything you need to make incredible sounding recordings at home. Eight recording tracks, 24-bit signal processing, digital mixer, drum machine with 43 drum kits, 94 types of effects, built-in CD-R/RW drive--the list goes on. Just hook up your instrument and a microphone and your private studio is ready to rock. Forget about the tangle of wires and the hassle of operating a bevy of different devices. From picking out the first chords to burning a finished a song on a CD, the MRS-802CD does it all.

Fully digital processing

Audio signals input to the MRS-802CD are converted into digital form by a 24-bit A/D converter with 64-times oversampling. All signal processing steps are then carried out in the digital domain, right up to recording an audio CD. The need for cable patching, and its inherent impedance problems are a thing of the past. Signal degradation is virtually absent. Mixing and editing no longer dilute the purity of the music signal. The 802 will preserve the immediacy of any performance and let the music come through in all its glory.
Up to 60 hours of CD-quality recording

The large 20GB hard disk provides a maximum of 60 hours of recording time. The non-compressed recording format (16-bit linear, 44.1 kHz sampling) ensures optimal sound quality and is ideal for burning audio CDs. The MRS-802CD has room for up to 1,000 songs, or 'projects'. Each project is comprised of 8 tracks, with 10 virtual takes per track, resulting in a total of 80 takes. Guitar or vocal solos that are difficult to get right the first time present no problem. Using the Virtual Tracks, you can lay down several takes and then select the best one during mix-down.
Versatile audio editing functions

The MRS-802CD has the audio editing facilities of the most sophisticated hard disk recording systems. For example, the 'Copy' function lets you cut in a repeated rhythm guitar lick with pinpoint precision. With the 'Move' function you can shift the timing of snares. Use 'Erase' to remove noise that has crept into a vocal track. 'Reverse' lets you play a part in reverse, creating a psychedelic "back-masking" counter-rotation sound. 'Time Stretch/Compression' makes it possible to change the duration of a song without altering pitch. For the final stereo mix, you can apply 'Fade-in/Fade-out' effects, and 'Trim' lets you remove any superfluous space before and after the audio data.

Punch-in/Punch-out recording

Making a mistake in a guitar solo doesn't mean you have to record the whole track over again. With the MRS-802CD you can punch-in and out, just like they do in recording studios. Simply specify the in/out points and play the lick again. The MRS-802CD automatically switches in and out of record mode at the desired points. Because the operation is totally hands-free, you can play your instrument as usual. You can also use the optional FS-01 foot switch to punch in and out
Scrub/Preview function

Whenever you want to find an exact spot in any track, Scrub/Preview comes in handy. This tool lets you check the sound immediately before and after the point you are looking for. Editing can be performed with millisecond precision.
Capture and Swap

Say you have recorded a take and like the result, but want to see whether you can do it one better. No problem. Just capture the take first, and then go ahead and experiment to your heart's content. If the result isn't what you were aiming for, Swap will get you back to the original condition with a few key-strokes. There's no need to limit your creative potential.
Bouncing Tracks

Bouncing allows the user to copy several recorded tracks and paste them onto a single empty track. This frees up more tracking space within your project. There's no loss of sound quality, because there is no compression and it's all digital. Use insert effects or apply equalization to the whole ensemble. Track parameters such as fader and panning can be adjusted also during Bounce. For example, you might fade in a sound effect and then pan it from left to right to create a dynamic sound stage.
Dedicated master track for mix-down

In addition to the eight audio tracks and drum track, the MRS-802CD provides a stereo master track. Even without an external master recorder, this lets you store the master data for CD writing within a project. As with the other tracks, the master track also has 10 V-takes. Create a mix-down with different balance or equalizer settings, compare the sound of various mastering effect parameters, and keep the best result.
Phrase Loop function

Looping is becoming ever more popular, not only for dance music but also for rock and pop songs. The 'FAST' editing method offered by the MRS-802CD allows for swift programming, and Time Stretch/Compression can be used for automatic matching of phrase loops with different BPM. You can create entire tracks from looped material, just like lining up rhythm patterns for a song. A total of 96 phrases are preprogrammed for instant use, and you can also import WAV/AIFF files from commercially available sampling CDs. Alternatively, it is easy to cut parts from recorded takes and use them as source material for creating loops.

*The pre-loaded phrase samples have been supplied by Big Fish Audio.
More about Big Fish Audio --> Click Here

Incredible Zoom drum sounds

The MRS-802CD incorporates a fully programmable stereo drum machine. The rhythm section has 43 drum kits and hundreds of different drum and percussion sounds. Zoom drum sounds are so authentic, it's like having an acoustic drum set right in your living room. Also available are vintage drum machine sounds, sets with dry voicing ideal for applying equalization and various effects, and many other choices. The MRS-802CD uses a dedicated stereo track for the drum machine, so your rhythm parts don't take up any of your eight main recording tracks.
Use preset rhythm patterns, or create your own

A wide variety of preset patterns are available for creating songs. You can program original rhythm song using the 'FAST' method (below). You can also create original rhythm patterns by assigning drum sounds to the track status keys for real-time recording or step recording. Because the rhythm section is designed for synchronized operation with the recorder section, you can record a track using a simple rhythm pattern as a guide, and program a full-blown rhythm song later.
Truly FAST rhythm programming

FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) is Zoom's innovative programming method for building rhythm patterns and structuring your songs. Pattern information can be entered like algebraic equations. For example, to play pattern number 010 eight times and then pattern number 020 sixteen times, you simply enter 10 x 8 + 20 x 16. Because the FAST formula information is stored for each project, it is simple to later edit numbers or symbols and write the song again. Also after a song has been written, tempo and volume information can be changed later as with other songs.
MIDI Interface

This function allows you to import existing SMF (Standard MIDI Files) to control the built-in rhythm sound sources or external multi-timbre sound sources connected via the MIDI link. Synchronized operation with the recorder section is also possible.

190 editable effects patches

Coming from Zoom, the leader in multi-effects devices, it goes without saying that the MRS-802CD incorporates a complete range of high-quality effects. 94 different effect types are collected in 190 patches optimized for recording and mixing applications. 'Clean', 'Distortion', 'Acoustic/Bass Simulation', and 'Bass' algorithms are ideal for line recording of guitar and bass. The 'Mic' algorithm is designed for microphone recording of vocals or acoustic instruments, and the 'Dual Mic' algorithm lets you record on two tracks simultaneously. Stereo line sources such as keyboards are best served by the 'Line' algorithm. Since preset patches are grouped by source type, it's easy to pick one that will be just right. You can also edit the patches to create your very own sounds. Effects can be inserted either at the input, track, or master level. This lets you apply effects during recording or later during editing. Flexible use of common patches is also possible during mastering. The auto-chromatic tuner lets you tune your instrument on the spot.
Zoom RFX Series ambient effects

The send/return effect gives access to two types of ambient effects that are derived from the Zoom RFX Series outboard processors. The acoustic properties of recording studios, concert halls, and various other venues can be simulated with the 'Reverb' effect. The 'Chorus/Delay' effect enhances stereo imaging and provides a wide spread without impairing the original sound.
Mastering effects

3-Band Compressor, 3-Band Equalizer, Normalizer and other dedicated mastering effects are powerful tools for creating a stereo mix that is suitable for burning commercial grade CDs. The 20 preset patches put the know-how of seasoned mastering engineers at your fingertips. That allows you to create tight, lively sound. Or go for mastering with special edge, using Dimension and Resonance filtering.

10 track playback ; 2 channel simultaneous input

The 24-bit digital mixer ensures excellent sound quality through out the creation of your projects. Playback eight audio tracks plus the stereo drum track, for a total of ten tracks. The mixer also allows simultaneous input recording of two channels. All track parameters required for mixing are arranged via the "Track Parameter" key, which gives you fingertip control without having to worry about complex signal routing. Each track has a 2-band semi-parametric equalizer. By adjusting the send level to the two ambient effects or the pan settings, you can fine-tune the L/R stereo and 3 dimensional image of a song. Stereo linking of odd/even numbered tracks is possible for linked parameter control, making it easy to mix stereo sources. The 'Solo' key comes in handy when you want to monitor a specific track without changing the mixing balance.
Intelligent transport controls and automation

For instant access to any point in a song, you can define up to 100 markers. You can then assign different parameters to the markers. The 'Scene' function lets you store these mixer settings, with a capacity of up to 100 scenes per project. By marking spots such as intro, melody A, melody B, bridge, and ending, editing becomes much more precise. Operations that were hard to achieve with manual editing, such as applying effects only to a specific range, are now accomplished quickly and easily.

Internal CD-R/RW Drive

The MRS-802CD features the Zoom CD-01 CD-R/RW Drive. This reliable, high performance drive has buffer under-run protection for preventing write errors. It is great for backing up data, burning your own CDs, or reading data from audio CDs. This unit is also available without the CD-R/RW drive, as the MRS-802. An 802 is easily upgraded with a CD-01 kit, sold separately.
USB interface board (option)

Using the optional USB interface board, all files on the internal hard disk can be accessed from a Windows or Macintosh computer. With the Audio File Manager software, track data can be imported or exported in WAV/AIFF format, and linking with DAW software is also easy. Importing SMF or loop materials in WAV/AIFF format is possible both via the CD-R/RW drive and the USB interface. The Audio File Manager can be installed from the supplied CD-ROM or downloaded from .

CD - 02 UIB - 02
CD-R/RW Drive USB Interface Board
ATAPI / 5inch bay type,
Buffer Under-run Error Protection Supported. Windows(r), Mac OS compatible.

Complete array of inputs

Two combination jacks with 48V phantom power supply are provided. This lets you use condenser mics for crystal clear vocals or acoustic instrument recordings. A Hi-Z jack allows direct connection of a passive guitar or bass without the need for a DI Box or similar device.
Ergonomic design

All keys and other controls have been carefully engineered to provide optimum convenience. The intuitive, logical arrangement makes operation a snap and prevents errors. Keys are internally lit, and the fader controls slope at just the right angle to provide a solid, professional mixing feel.

Foot Switch FS - 01 Expression Pedal FP - 02
Unlatch and normally close type. To control effect parameters.


Physical Track : 8
Virtual Track : 80 (10Virtual takes / track)
Master Track : 2 tracks (stereo) x 10V-takes
Drum Track : 2 tracks (stereo)
Simultaneous Recording : 2 tracks
Recording Data Format : 16 bit linear with No compression
Recording Time : 60 hours (referred to mono tracks)
Marker : 100 / projects
Locater : Scrub / Preview, A-B repeat
Location Display : Hour / Min. / Sec. / msec. or Meas. / Beat / Tick
Track Edit : Copy, Move, Erase, Exchange, Bounce, Trim,
Fade in/out, Reverse, Capture / Swap,
Time Stretch / Compression
Punch In/Out : Auto / Manual
Phrase Loop : 100 phrase / project


Input Channel : 12 channels (10 tracks + 2 inputs)
Simultaneous playback : 10 tracks (8 audio + stereo drum)
Scene Memory : 100 scenes / project (Linkable to marker)
Fader : 10 (1-8 mono, Drum, Stereo Master)
Level Meter : 10 segments x 13 bar (Pre / Post fader selectable)
Track Parameter : Equalizer, Effect send, Pan (Balance at stereo link)
Equalizer : High (f: 500Hz - 18kHz, Gain: ±12dB)
Low (f: 40Hz - 1.6kHz, Gain: ±12dB)
Low(f:40Hz-1.6kHz, Gain: ±12dB)
Effect Send : horus / Delay send level, Reverb send level
Stereo Link : 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 tracks selectable


Algorithm : 8 types (Clean, Dist, Aco / Bass Sim, Bass, Mic, Line, Dual, Mastering)
Effect Type : 94 types
Effect Module : 4 (Compressor, Pre-amp / Drive, EQ, Modulation / Delay)
Max. Simultaneous Effect : 6 types
Effect Patch : 320 (220factory + 100blank)
Send Return Effect : 2modules (Reverb, Chorus / Delay)
Send Return Patch : 40 patches (Chorus / Delay 20 + Reverb 20)
Mastering Effect : 4 modules (3band compressor / Lo-Fi, 3band EQ, Normalize, Dimension / Resonance)
Tuner : Auto chromatic, Calibration 435 - 445Hz (1Hz resolution)


Data format : 16 bit linear PCM
Drum Kit : 43 kits
Drum Sound Generator : 24 sounds / kit (8pads x 3bank)
Polyphony : 8 voices
Resolution : 48 PPQN
Odd Meter : 1/4 - 8/4
Song : 10 songs / project
Pattern : 511 patterns (403 factory, 108 blank)
Maximum Bar : 999 bars / song, 99 bars / pattern
Maximum note : Approx. 20,000 notes (events) / song
Tempo : 40.0 - 250.0 BPM

Project : Maximum 1000
Hard Disk : E-IDE / 3.5inch 20GB
CD-R/RW Drive : ATAPI / 5inch bay type, Buffer Under-run Error Protection Supported
A/D Conversion : 24bit 64times over-sampling
D/A Conversion : 24bit 128times over-sampling
Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz
Signal Processing : 24bit
Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz / ±1dB(At 10k ohm load)
S/N : 93dB(IHF-A)
Dynamic Range : 97dB(IHF-A)
THD+N : 0.02%(400Hz, At 10k ohm load)
Display : 66 x 52mm original LCD(with back light)
Guitar/Bass Input(Hi-Z) : 1 x 1/4" Monaural Phone Jack, Input Impedance 500k ohm
Balanced/unbalanced input : 2 x XLR / 1/4" Monaural Phone Combo Jack, (Unbalanced : Input Impedance 50k ohm / Balanced : Input Impedance 1k ohm, 2nd Hot)
Phantom Power : 48V(with On/Off switch)
Input Level : -50dBm < Variable < +4dBm
Master Out : L/R RCA PIN Jack, Output impedance 1k ohm, Rated Output Level -10dBm
Headphone Out : 1 x 1/4" Stereo Phone Jack, 50mW(at 32 ohm load)
MIDI : In/Out
Control Input : 1 x FS-01(Foot Switch) / FP-02(Expression Pedal) combined
Optional Board Slot : 1
Dimension : 430(W) x 270(D) x 105(H)mm
Weight : 5kg(with CD-R/RW drive), 4kg(without CD-R/RW drive)
Power Supply : DC12V, 1A(AC Adaptor AD-0009 specified)
Power Consumption : 30W(12V 1A) typ.
Supplied Accessory : Universal AC Adaptor AD-0009, CD-ROM
Optional Accessory : CD-01/CD-02(CD-R/RW drive), UIB-01 / UIB-02(USB interface board), FS-01(Foot switch), FP-02(Expression Pedal)


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